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Metaist, Now with More Metaist

Summary #

This blog has a new home at Some things are the same, but there are few changes you might want to know about.

Screenshot of new metaist archives

Remember when I used to write stuff?

(Image: Metaist)

Changes #

  • Layout - The new layout if fluid (images resize if you resize the browser) and focuses more on content and typography. I was strongly influenced by Dmitry Fadeyev's post What's Left?

  • Thumbnails - If you click on a tag or an archive you'll see thumbnails of the posts which should make it easier to find things.

  • Comments - For now, if you want to comment on something, email me. The existing comments feature was nice, but most useful content was submitted via email. I was also influenced by Ted Dziuba's Blog Upgrade and his irreverent style.

  • Posts - A few posts (e.g., "Feedback Friday" posts) were deleted after moving over because they don't align with the new direction of Metaist (see below). Everything else should be pretty much where you expect it.

I don't intend to remove the old site anytime soon, so it will still be out there (although I may redirect people here after a while).

Meta #

So why change now?

Originally, I hadn't intended to move the blog at all. The purpose of was to host my portfolio of projects—which is still the case. However, as I was involved in that process, I realized that I could also manage my blog from the same place, so I decided to write a blogging platform to do just that.

Updates #

2013-03-07 #