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Classical Music as a Punishment

Summary #

In early 2010, a school in England started a program to replace 30-minute detentions with a more classical approach.

Mozart family

Behave, or you'll have to listen to me play this classical music!

(Image: Wikimedia)

Commentary #

The UK has a long history of trying to curb anti-social behavior, especially among teens. Recent failed attempts include the oh-so-popular Mosquito device aimed at annoying teens with noises in ranges adults do not hear. Of course, students turned the noise into a ringtone to avoid detection of cell phone activity while among adults.

This more recent attempt claims high success (50% reduction) in deterring student misbehavior and consists of and hour of listening to Mozart, Verdi or Bach in addition to public shaming. Additionally, students have to watch a DVD on mathematics and spend half and hour writing about what they have learned.

Meta #

This seems like it will have negative consequences for the Arts in the future. It's hard enough to get people to appreciate classical music; this policy just reinforces the notion that classical music is boring or torturous.

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