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Sharing NFS Between GCP Projects

One of the parts of Google Cloud that I haven't fully explored yet is their networking stack. However, I got a nice first taste yesterday while trying to share a Google Filestore (NFS) between two Google Cloud projects.

Now that I've figured it out, here's the simplest solution:

  • In the project that has the NFS (the "host" project), go to:
    • VPC network
    • Shared VPC
    • Attached Projects
    • Attach Projects
  • Select the other project (the "service" project).
    • Check All subnets.
    • Click Save.
  • In the service project, create a new VM:
    • Compute Engine
    • VM instances
    • Click Create Instance.
    • Make sure you select a region that is the same or close to the NFS.
    • Expand Advanced Options
    • Expand Networking
    • Expand the default network interface.
      • Select Networks shared with me and select default (assuming that was the network that was shared).

Now that VM can see the NFS because its on the same subnet.