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2023-05-14 Weekend Notes

Releases #

  • I released ezq 2.0.3 which adds a new class-based API for interacting with a Queue.

Experiments #

  • ruff (via Shalev NessAiver): I tried this python linter during my recent builds of ezq and it was very fast and the no-config version generally catches the things I care about. pylint does catches a few things I care about, but it's so slow and obnoxious about things I don't care about it, that I'm probably going to drop it going forward. I'll probably drop flake8 too because it doesn't add anything beyond ruff.

  • Shalev NessAiver and I tried to get ChatGPT v4 to help us build a Svelte component to interact with a Jupyter notebook. Unfortunately, it pointed us at a bunch of outdated libraries, but it was definitely better than Bard.

  • ChatGPT v4 kinda helped me figure out what I needed to do to make the /pypi/pyversions endpoint at display supported python versions for my packages. At first, it kept pointing me to the python_requires field in, but then it told me to look at the PyPI JSON endpoint, and finally I got it to tell me about the github repository where I finally discovered that it uses the classifiers like "Programming Language :: Python :: 3.8" from to build up its list of supported versions.

  • eleventy: I watched this video which helped me set up this blog.

Updates #

2023-11-28 #

  • Updated broken links.